Yoga For The Rest of Us

ImageI am here today to tell you a little. bit about how yoga works. First of all, when we think of yoga, we think of people sitting. in a meditative posture. We think of people in different types of yoga postures themselves. And, yoga works specifically on the physical body in the way where we gain physical awareness, as with m-100’s. We gain awareness of how our bodies move. Or maybe, as we are beginning yoga, how a woman’s body do not necessarily move and progress towards greater movement. So, you will start to see greater flexibility, but not only that, you will start to see greater strength within. your physical body. So, the postures work not only on your strength and flexibility. but they also work on creating greater efficiency within your physiological functions. Such as your breathing, your circulation, your digestive system, your endocrine system, your lymphatic system. It works on every single system internally, externally. So, physically you will gain strength, flexibility. You will gain greater ease within your movement.

You will gain greater ease within just feeling better. Mentally, the practice of yoga, because you are so specifically watching how your body moves and how you create these specific postures, you start to gain a greater sense of focus and more of an awareness of how you. move in relation to the rest of your life. So, when you take this practice off of your. mat you may start to notice that you will have increased feelings of ease, decreased stress, more mindfulness, more focus. So, all of these are benefits of yoga. Yoga postures and taking time throughout your day to let go of your day, let go of the stress, does. wonders. So, that is really how yoga works. It works on the physical body. It works on the mind body and in essence, when we give ourselves that time, lots of other great things happen too. So, thanks for joining me!

So, in this series we’re going to be looking at a full spectrum yoga sequence. And, spectrum really just means that it’s all the different kinds of poses. So, we’ll do some. supine poses, that means poses lying on the floor, we’ll do some standing poses which. engage the leg muscles and build steadiness and strength. We’ll do some twisting to cleanse. and clear out the body. We’ll do some back bending to open the heart, and we’ll do some. forward bending, which also stretches the backs of the hamstrings and the back of the. body. So, we’ll do just a little bit of everything, and ideally, in your yoga practice that you. do at home or at work, you always want to mix it up. So, one day you do like hip openers,. another day you do more back bends, another day you do more twists, and then some days. you want to do a little bit of everything. But, keep it diverse by doing a bunch of different. kinds of postures, you’ll create an even balance, an engagement of the whole body. And, that’s. really the point of our whole practice is to engage ourselves and our lives fully, is. to really enjoy this gift of embodyment, that we’ve been given. So, let’s practice together.


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